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Serbian Truck Simulator 2 Download 41 [Updated]




A new update has just been released for the ETS2.41 Game, it’s known as 1.41 Update Experimental. According to the official page, it’s just a update to improve the game’s performance, and it’s the same one available in the experimental branch of the Steam Community, you can get it via the link below. This update is also available for mods including ProMods: TransAutobus No 1.5! Sep 22, 2564 BE Changelog - for ETS2 1.41.1 experimental. ETS 2 is an open-ended driving simulation where you operate a truck in a free roaming environment. Jun 14, 2564 BE Apr 17, 2563 BE The most powerful in the history of the game is presented in the map: “Poklonovje” – a small, highly detailed map of Serbia. ETS2 Map: Poklonovje Jun 7, 2563 BE UST: We are very happy to bring the 1.41 Update Experimental for the European Truck Simulator 2. We will release a detailed Changelog once the update is ready. Feb 23, 2563 BE ETS2 1.41.1 experimental Changelog: Nov 4, 2563 BE First-person mode: You can now enjoy driving in the first-person perspective in the new map: "Nemunas DOWNLOAD: ETS2 1.41.1 experimental Changelog Download Trailer Here's a list of the major changes included in the release: UEFI Updates Crash and Bug Fixes Network Improvements Language Updates But be sure to check out the full changelog as it contains many more fixes and improvements, as well as changes in Steam Workshop support. ETS2 Map: Nemunas 1.0.0 Changelog About: ETS 2 Map: Nemunas is a map of a beautiful northern region of Serbia. This is a very detailed map, and it was only possible to complete it with many hours of work and lots of testing. The very detailed and accurate map is only possible thanks to the help of its many builders and testers, so we are very grateful to them. If you are a builder, you can change and improve the map (rendering/sound/texture/road and so on)





Serbian Truck Simulator 2 Download 41 [Updated]

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